Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mutya ng Trece 2011

Being a newbie here in Trece Martirez City, I was always looking for something that will somehow give me a bird's eye view of what it really means to be a true-blue Treceno.  And I got my chance when the Mutya ng Trece was launched, and a friend's daughter became one of the candidates.

It was a pageant joined in by beautiful, vibrant ladies.  Each one of them representing their respective barangays.  Trece Martirez, named after the 13 martyrs that were executed by the Spaniards on September 12, 1896, happens to have 13 barangays by the way.

I saw them only in the Talent Competition which was held in SM Dasmarinas.  The contestants may be young, about in their late teen's stage, but looking at their eyes... one sees the burning desire to be the one who'll will go home with the crown.

I must say it was a properly organized event, spear-headed by the city's Mayor and his beautiful wife.  Also, an event I must say, with all the best intentions in mind.  To promote the City of Trece Martirez, and to put some glitz and glamor as well to our history-rich filled place.  

But as in any competition, or in any thing for that matter, there'll be winners and losers.  The only thing that will make the difference is how the losers will accept defeat.  And how the winners will be humble and gracious enough in accepting that having the Mutya ng Trece crown is a big responsibility.  A responsibility so big that wearing it not only requires a beautiful face and body, but a clear head as well.  A responsibility that's so tasking that it not only requires physical stamina, but also a generous heart to understand that being a role model is one tough job. 

I've seen the exchange of words of the supporters, all of them asserting that their bet is the one who has what it takes to be winner.  I've seen the cheers when they feel like their bets were winning.  And  I also somehow felt their pain when nasty words were thrown towards them. 

But at the end of the day... I know for a fact that this contest was created to build unity amongst Trecenos, not to create a chasm that which will divide.  This pageant was made so that all Trecenos may go out of their way to let their voices be heard.  This pageant was launched so that varied opinions may come out in the open.

If there's one thing that I learned from this event, it will be the fact that though Trece Martirez is such a small place compared to other cities, it can rise up to any occassion as one.  Varied opinions may come out, but at the end, each will still clamor for unity & sobriety if only to have more city activities that will be worth watching out. 

Trece Matirez City, Cavite

I saw this map when I was making a research for my daughter's homework.  And I was amazed at how our little city, Trece Martirez -- which happens to be Cavite's capital, is so strategically located and smack right in the middle of Cavite province.

Usually described as a place with less than  a thousand hectares in terms of land area, it is rich in history.

It was named after the thirteen martyrs of Cavite, who were executed by the Spaniards on September 12, 1896.  They are:
  • Maximo Inocencio
  • Jose Lallana
  • Eugenio Cabezas
  • Maximo Gregorio
  • Hugo Perez
  • Severino Lapidario
  • Alfonso de Ocampo
  • Francisco Osorio
  • Antonio de San Agustin
  • Luis Aguado
  • Agapito Conchu
  • Victoriano Luciano
  • Feliciano Cabuco

It was simply logical that the thirteen barangays in the city were also named after them.